Consultative Approach

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At Znth Benefits Consulting, we take a consultative approach to determining the right plan design for each client, continually measuring their plan’s performance. We start with an assessment of their goals; we then develop their employee benefits strategy using benchmarks drawn from multiple data sources.

Znth Client Evaluation

Prior to developing a client’s employee benefits strategy, Znth Benefits Consulting will evaluate their current benefit programs. This evaluation serves as the foundation for setting strategic plan design goals, considering value-added programs and identifying areas of potential benefit cost savings.

Employee Benefit Plan Design Analysis

Based on the results of our Client Evaluation, we work collaboratively with each client to make informed plan design decisions that will incorporate cost containment strategies while providing benefits that will attract and retain employees.  Throughout the plan design process, we work as an extension of  a client’s HR team – with open communication, dynamic collaboration and a unified vision for maximum results.

Market Analysis and Procurement

Based on the employee benefit plans of each client, Znth Benefits Consulting uses a proprietary Request for Proposal (RFP) model to do a market analysis that identifies industry leading benefit programs with potential cost-saving opportunities. Our RFP model uses:

  • Underwriting/financial analytical tools
  • Predictive modeling and actuarial analytics for self-funded plan analysis and claim projections
  • Industry benchmarking data for comparative analysis of premium contributions, benefit designs and plan costs

Our RFP model also provides a client with a comprehensive market analysis of each vendor and the benefit programs being proposed. Through our model, we are able to identify industry leading vendors to control each client’s benefit costs and at the same time find the best benefit programs to meet the client’s needs. In addition to providing exemplary service, Znth Benefits Consulting prides itself on delivering measurable financial results for every client.